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3,800.00 €
Signed by the Mallorcan painter residing in New York , Domingo Zapata, and made by the jeweler Isabel Guarch, the HappyHeart high jewelry collection is a celebration of Mallorca, the birthplace of the two creators and of all that makes our hearts happy.

1,100.00 €
Renown Jewellery designer Isabel Guarch is delighted to provide you with personal advise on her selection of exquisite pieces of high jewellery, always loyal to the firm´s and high standar and singular style

15,600.00 €
Isabel Guarch selects exquisite pieces of high jewelery following the standards of taste and quality of the house, offering also an exclusive faith personalization service. This model is available in different sizes and prices, request the personalized budget of the ring or earrings you want in: info@isabelguarch.com