#Ellemental & Terraza Balear

#Ellemental & Terraza Balear

 2017-11-13     My Selection
#Ellemental & Terraza Balear


The presentation of Isabel Guarch's first high jewellery collection in Terraza Balear, in an event-experience of exclusive sensory and limited to 100 clients, based on the 4 natural elements, the starting point of the collection. 

The launch of #Ellemental by Isabel Guarch took place yesterday, November 3rd, in Terraza Balear in a unique way. A three-dimensional sensory experience created by 5 luxury partners: Ainea perfumes, Catavinos and the winery Can Axartell, Gaudeix and Mrs Sweet, in which the attendees were invited to taste, touch and feel the aromas present in the essential oils mixed with paintings, the food, the wine, and a piece of jewellery just like the textures and colors of the furniture.

Nothing was casual at this event, beginning with the union of two brands such as Isabel Guarch and Terraza Balear, led by two strong and enterprising women by definition: Mariana Muñoz and Isabel Guarch, who unite many things, including their passion for beauty, art and design and who have wanted to join forces to create a unique experience of value linked to design, of which this event is the first sample. The inspiration of the four pieces that make up the collection have been the four natural elements: water, fire, air and earth and they also wanted that everything in this experience revolves aroud this, counting on 5 luxury partners to make it possible.

Catavinos and the Can Axartell Winery, the chef María Moreno de Gaudeix, the baker pastry chef Serena Sirini de Mrs Sweet and the laboratory perfumista Ainea, with her nose, Irene Gisbert at the front.

All these creators have been the key  to be able to design a unique sensory route through 4 sets of furniture, conceived as a small installation, created by Terraza Balear, following the same leitmotif, through its wonderful exhibition of furniture, of unique design and of the best brands of the market.

Once in the shop, the first stop, following an ascending order of aromas and tastes, was the  #Agua space. In it, as in each of the remaining 3 sets, you are invited to the tasting of a canape and  wine, created and marinated by Gaudeix and Can Axartell respectively, to immerse the guests in the element. An oyster leaf with mollusk sphere accompanied by a sip of white Can Axartell, based on white flowers with a fresh saline note were chosen to embody the water.

In the center of the exhibition, a  piece from the collection #Ellemental, in this case, the 18-carat gold ring with kyanite, ruby, agate and white diamonds. Finally, the guests, guided by Ainea's team could try to figure out the essences present in each palette color of which they created, a canvas together with an element. To finish off the experience, the nose, Irene Gisbert, created live 5 perfumes in a home spray (one for each element), following the proportion of colors in each work painted among the guests.

The route continued through the spaces fire, air and earth with sensory experiences adapted to each of the elements to reach the end of the route, with the sweet climax , conceived by Serena Sirini Mrs Sweet Bakery as the summary of all the experience.

A different experience to present a  high jewellery collection, very specially designed to accentuate the beauty of unique jewels that are erected as a feminine totem that unite women with nature, creating almost a state of mind. #Ellemental, always in a singular feminine form and nature as a mental state.

Four pieces: necklace, long earrings, ring and bracelet, in 18 carat gold, white and black diamonds, mounted around 4 stones of different cuts, one for each element: the rectangular kyanite (WATER), the oval ruby (FIRE), the agate (EARTH) and the moon stone (AIR).


You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.