Reial - Isabel Guarch


During the 14th century, the Balearic bourgeoisie considered essential to find a solution to speed up foreign trade, since until now the Valencian currency had been used and it was not enough. For this reason, the merchants of Jaime II suggested the need to create their own currency, easy to use and to be minted in a quantity sufficient for their commercial needs. Since the monarch had the power to create his own currency, in 1310, Jaime II ordered the minting of the Reial of Mallorca. Reial collection is part of the history of Mallorca. The historical recreation of our traditions through the elegance of yellow gold and sterling silver, the preciousness of gems and brilliant blacks, and the naturalness and exoticism of snake skin.

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You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.