2017-05-10     Collaborations

Puro and Isabel Guarch Beach were destined to meet and create something together, since they share a common passion: the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Puro and Isabel Guarch were destined to meet and create something together, since they share a common passion: the Mediterranean lifestyle. This is reflected in the relaxed attitude that accompanies those who live on an island bathed by the Mediterranean and by the intensity of its light.

Isabel Guarch creates Mediterranean jewels that synthesize, through beauty and precious materials, the life beside the sea and puro offers the perfect space for a luxury Mediterranean experience.

P collection by G, made from the Mandala of the group, is the Isabel Guarch interpretation of the puro experience in the form of a jewel.

A collection, which is both male and female, becomes more memorable if possible, whilst staying at any of the hotels and beach clubs from the group, take away a souvenir that evokes your memories.

Each season the collection renews with new pieces, with the inspiration and mixed colours but always maintaining the spirit and the P style by G.

New this year are the pieces with coral, turquoise and pearls. Stones used by Isabel Guarch, transmitting the idea of eternal summer as well as being fashionable at the same time. A collection of 6 new pieces with Mediterranean inspiration, entering the colour element which is very Isabel Guarch. Coral, turquoise and pearls, so trendy this year, become a winning trio for the life and style on the edge of the sea. These three stones also are part of a capsule collection by Isabel Guarch that revolves around the sea.

Pieces of P by G have been created, by the Majorcan designer Isabel Guarch, exclusively for the Puro Group and reflect the spirit of the Mediterranean life.

With 3 microns of 18ct gold, and sterling silver this means that proportionally 25% of the piece is gold. Each one of the pieces comes with a guarantee and certificates and we recommend that you keep the jewels in their original packaging to preserve their beauty and protect the peice from scratches and bumps. After use, it is recommended to wipe a dry cloth over the piece to restore its luster.

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You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.