Emeralds : One of a Kind Collection

Emeralds : One of a Kind Collection

 2022-10-04     My Selection
Emeralds : One of a Kind Collection

Our #uniquejewels go hand in hand with our commitment to sustainability. Limited, timeless and meticulously produced with what nature gives us. Discover with Isabel Guarch the authentic luxury of wearing an exclusive jewel

If Rebirth was a precious stone, it would be an Emerald, a deep and hopeful shade of green. Representative of a loyal and lasting love. Perfect for promises and anniversaries, an excuse to be grateful and to celebrate joyful new beginnings

At Isabel Guarch, our emeralds are sourced from Zambia and shipped to us from India. Each and every one of our stones has a GRS certification (Gem Research Swiss Lab), ensuring that they have arrived to us with ethics and social responsibility. 

That being the reason why we would like to invite you to see how these wonderful pieces arrived all the way to Mallorca

It all starts with a raw emerlad, being held by one of our providers. Having a close relationship with them is essential for us at Isabel Guarch

Emerald stones are known for not being the most pure (in terms of transparency), that is why these larger pieces get broken down to smaller, more managable bits. These are later shaved down and polished in search of the most  treasured bits of emerald. 

Once found, they can be cut many ways. The most popular one being Emerald cut, rectangular and giving the stone immense clarity, highlighting the properties of the Emeralds. 

This is the story behind our new and unique emerald rings. Our latest addition at the atelier of Isabel Guarch.



You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.