The Spanish Royalty's Favourite Earrings

The Spanish Royalty's Favourite Earrings

 2023-08-11     What's happening?
The Spanish Royalty's Favourite Earrings

King Felipe and H.M. Queen Letizia have held the traditional reception for the authorities and representatives of the Balearic Islands. The dinner took place for the second time at the Marivent Palace, the official residence of the royal family in Mallorca, whose doors were opened to civil society for the occasion. H.M. Queen Sofía, who arrived at Marivent last Friday with her sister Irene of Greece, accompanied Don Felipe and Doña Letizia, as she does every year.

H.M. Queen Letizia wears #Vents earrings and H.M. Queen Sofia wears #Nostra necklace and bracelet.

Their continued support for Mallorca and Balearic craftsmanship is a source of deep gratitude for all of us.

H.M. Queen Sofía, H.M. Queen Letizia and Isabel Guarch


You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.