IG women testimonies

IG women testimonies

 2020-03-31     IG Women
IG women testimonies


Grupo Serra audiovisual general director


What I like the most is that they can easily become a gift. In fact, whenever we have to give a present, I think: “a jewel of Isabel Guarch is perfect because it means more than just the jewel.” You honor your birth-place, you give something nice, you tell part of your story, you support family businesses… I believe that the whole of it is really appealing.

Transmitting all these values means a lot of effort, work 


Proprietary Abc Mallorca - Lifestyle editor&Publisher

"I love what you do; it's important for people to have passion, to put love into things, and you represent that love for Mallorca. You have found a way to reinvent old pieces and to represent the island in a unique way, through your unique image and style. You have a valuable history that goes above and beyond, and that is very important. You are real. When you buy a cross piece of jewellery? from Isabel Guarch, you acquire many things. I'm proud to have your pieces and to show them to others"



 "Isabel is a woman with exquisite taste, a creative capacity and a modern vision of the jewelry. You see jewelry as an art and you are looking for, in some way, beauty"


Zone Director of Banca March

The truth is that for me, everything you do I love. What I call "the sweet delights" are pieces that I can combine with everything. They always have a link and tell a story about Mallorca which makes them even more special. The rose window of the cathedral, the first coin minted in Mallorca…. Many of them I have had made in gold because I know that they are pieces that I will always want and have.  

"The taste and sensitivity that Isabel has is very difficult to find" and she adds one of many examples that dot the conversation "she immediately can see if it will suit me or  simply, if I will like it". The comparison with her profession cannot be more interesting: N- "in the bank I see it on a daily basis. To be able to work to suit peoples taste, there has to be that component of confidence" 


You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.