Andreu Genestra x Isabel Guarch l FONERS

Andreu Genestra x Isabel Guarch l FONERS

Andreu Genestra x Isabel Guarch l FONERS

Jewelry Designer Isabel Guarch and Chef Andreu Genestra Join Forces to Honor Mallorca's Heritage

Two leading figures in their respective fields, jewelry designer Isabel Guarch and chef Andreu Genestra, have united their work, love, and passion for their homeland, Mallorca, to pay tribute to and highlight Balearic and Mediterranean culture and roots.

The ancient warriors, known as "Foners," brave slingers who were the protagonists of the first civilization on the islands, have served as the connecting thread for Isabel Guarch and Andreu Genestra in creating a collaboration that captures each one's unique vision of these warriors. Isabel Guarch has done so through a special jewelry collection, while Andreu Genestra has incorporated it into a menu at his Michelin-starred restaurant.

Mediterranean traditions, and especially those of Mallorca, are the main inspiration for Isabel Guarch's jewelry collections. "I always like them to have a reason, and above all, a reason that is related to our culture," she says. And for Andreu Genestra, his dishes are inspired by "sometimes we look outside, when we have it within. I not only look for inspiration in the products, but also in forms."

Isabel Guarch and Andreu Genestra were responsible for presenting this synergy of jewelry and gastronomy at an event where the chef showcased his R&D workshop, where his special dishes are created, as well as unveiling his interpretation of the "Foners" in a menu that he has included in his menu.

For her part, Isabel Guarch presented her "Foners" jewelry collection, the first men's line she has created together with her son Gonzalo. The collection is handcrafted and conveys the story of these Balearic warriors.


You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.