Two voices, one story: The third generation of Isabel Guarch

Two voices, one story: The third generation of Isabel Guarch

Two voices, one story: The third generation of Isabel Guarch



My mother, the unforgettable founder, always dreamed that the essence of Isabel Guarch would live on in our family. Today, with immense gratitude, I can share this dream has come true.


The third generation of Guarch has arrived.


I remember the words of my mother, who often said: "What a pity, Isabel, that you didn't have any girls, it would have been a dream for the brand to continue with the third generation...". This dream, the precious legacy, has been passed on to Gonzalo, who is determined to take it on with passion and dedication.


I fondly remember the day when Gonzalo told me he wanted to join the brand, I felt a mixture of surprise and pride. Foners, our first men's collection, is a natural evolution of our brand, enriched with Gonzalo's fresh and innovative vision.


I would like to personally thank you for being part of this journey. I hope you enjoy our new collection as much as Gonzalo and I enjoyed creating it.





My mother has always been an inspiration to me. For years I watched her work in the shop with a passion and dedication that radiated from her. I used to help by doing the bills and answering emails while I studied at university. But there was one moment that changed everything for me.


One day, a man in his thirties came into the shop, his face lit up. He came to thank us for a bespoke ring we'd made that had won the heart of the woman he was now going to marry. At that moment, I felt something inside me change. It was an overwhelming feeling, as if this world was calling me into it without me even seeking it, like a black hole that pulls you in uncontrollably.


I am proud to present our first men's collection. This is a continuation of my family's beloved brand, with a fresh, new twist that I hope you all enjoy as much as I did designing it.


The 'Foners' collection is a tribute to the love that the people of this beautiful island have for their land, a love that has manifested itself throughout history through the bravery and skill of Mallorca's 'Foners' in defending our homeland.


The same love that my grandmother felt, that my mother has been feeling and that I feel today.


You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.