Introducing "FONERS": The First Men's Collection

Introducing "FONERS": The First Men's Collection

 2023-09-09     What's happening?
Introducing "FONERS": The First Men's Collection

Isabel Guarch, together with her son Gonzalo, launches an unprecedented collection, designed especially for men and inspired by the Foner Balear. The figure of brave warriors and sling throwers of the Balearic Islands, "seen through the eyes of a young man of generation Z. These are the jewels that a 21-year-old like me would wear," states Gonzalo Guarch.

Foners was presented yesterday at a social event held at the Puro Grand Hotel during a cocktail where dozens of people joined them in this new chapter. Isabel and her son combine their talents to develop a collection that left none indifferent.

"Jewellery can be a powerful way to carry the history and culture rooted in our skin," says Isabel Guarch. Foners is a statement of pride in Majorcan roots, a collection in which the essence of masculinity is captured in gold, stones and leather.

During the presentation, Isabel Guarch stressed the importance of establishing synergies with professionals of the island. And she was proud of the brand's collaboration with Michelin-starred Majorcan chef Andreu Genestra, who has created a dish inspired by Foners. Mother and son told the story during a cocktail reception served by Genestra's caterer, La Alacena, in an event that continued with the music of Paco Colombàs, in a pleasant atmosphere.

Isabel and Gonzalo Guarch, have opened a new chapter in men's fashion and have set an exceptional standard in celebrating Majorcan heritage through art and creativity. This collection promises to be a lasting treasure and a statement of identity for those who choose it.


You still have time to capture the Mediterranean essence of Isabel Guarch that she loves so much. A sure hit for a jewel that will accompany you every day.